Thursday, November 1, 2018

Happy November(!) & A Lil Shop Update

Update: I couldn't figure it out so have taken my work down over on Society6 for now. Will be doing some research on options for online stores. Sorry!

Firstly, sorry I wasn't able to finish Inktober. Honestly I just fell out of sync with drawing in ink every day, (I do have a daily sketching habit that I maintain no matter what! More on that in another post). That being said, I feel like this was one of my most successful drawing challenges yet. I've wanted to sit down and draw a mandala for a long time and now I've drawn nearly a month's worth of them!

I've just closed my StorEnvy shop and did a huge update on Society6.

I love to paint waves ~~

If you spot any errors over at Society6, please let me know. I've been having some trouble with mock-ups showing up a little blurry, even with high-quality scans. Working on figuring out the issue tonight!

And if you click on a product which brings you to a page that says "Sorry this page doesn't exist" it likely means I've just taken that page down for maintenance. You can check back in a few hours.

Anyways I'm excited about being able to offer my work on so many products. Society6 is always releasing new items... recently they came out with a furniture line. I don't have many furniture items over there yet but it was fun to see my art on different pieces.

It seems like they have a sale nearly everyday a different product, I believe today the sale is on tapestries.

Here's the link to my shop,
Remember, you can always modify the items you want to view. For example, you can look specifically at just wall art or just at bags. This menu appears on the left side of the screen, (on a desktop computer).

Thanks to all that watched me throughout the Inktober challenge :)
I'm going to take a small break, will be back within the next week or two with some new work!