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I live and paint in Maine.
My work is a mix of whimsical, storybook like illustrations and rolling landscapes of real places. Each piece is made of three layers- a pencil sketch, gouache paint, and black ink. As much as I've tried to create straight lines and perfect layer match-ups, the scribbles in my work always show up eventually and so I've just learned to accept them! Others have told me it's what gives each piece life, movement.

I'm self-taught but have had fantastic mentors over the years. My very technical high school art teacher, my carpentry instructor, my hardworking single mom. Nothing is more odd to me than someone saying that they cannot draw! Me? I wasn't gifted with drawing or painting but owe it all to a disciplined studio practice  and constant research. After six years as a working artist, I'm still learning and growing in technique.

You may have met me here in Portland vending at a farmer's market or perhaps an art show like Picnic. Awesome! and Hi! Usually I vend in the summer every Saturday at Deering Oaks and the first friday of every month on Congress St. for the Art Walk. To see if I have any other upcoming events you can always check the News page.

5 things about me:

  1. I have a passion for natal astrology and tarot. I had a short-lived career in being a reader.
  2. Trained carpenter, specialty in home-building.
  3. I live with 3 people, as well as 1 bun, and 2 orange cats.
  4. I'm vegan.
  5. I'm never bored.

Thanks for stopping by!

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