Sunday, September 30, 2018

Inktober Starts Tomorrow

It was about a year a ago that I was looking for some bright pink gouache. I painted this piece after walking down Congress St in Portland, ME one night. The window was so clean, it looked like there wasn't one :)

I think like every artist or creative person I go through periods of creation and non-creation. In the time of non-creation I'm usually going on small and big adventures looking for inspiration, reflecting on direction, sending off print orders and cutting/packaging them. So since I left social media back in the summer of this year I've been doing these things. I've also been working for a community based organization, creating flowery signs for them. It's taught me so much about hand-lettering, which has always been a weakness that I've wanted to improve.

Anyways, I expect to enter another creative phase as it gets colder here. All the spiders are coming in already, (my spirit animal, as much as I don't want to admit it).

I recently added a "Sketchbook" page, will be adding progress paints and sketches there.

Tomorrow is the first day of Inktober, I'll do an ink drawing everyday of the month of October. Theme is mandala, more like a Tibetan mandala.

I may do a few days without a theme too.

Unlike my past drawing challenges, I'll be posting these in the morning. Sometime around 8 AM. 
See you tomorrow for it :)